General Information

Emmaus Catholic Primary School has been built in answer to parishioners’ requests for Catholic primary education.

We enrol:

  • Baptised Catholic children (Baptism certificates required on enrolment)

  • Families living within the Sacred Heart / Emmaus parish boundaries and

  • Families belonging to Sacred Heart / Emmaus parish through “praying (Mass), working (ministry) and sharing (Thanksgiving).”

  • Each school has its own designated boundaries within the parish.

Families enrolled in our schools are expected to be at Mass each week in our parish and to be in ministry in our parish community. Families are also expected to participate in Thanksgiving Offerings (envelopes) which are organised at the Sacred Heart presbytery by ringing Margaret 9366 2146.

Before enrolment, an interview is held with both parents of the child / children to be enrolled. At this interview, parish, school and parent expectations are talked about and explained. Pastoral factors are taken into consideration.

Parents will be informed of the outcome of the enrolment application after an interview.

School Fees

There are different ways school fees can be paid, fortnightly, monthly, termly and yearly. . Fees are kept as low as possible to make Catholic Primary Education affordable for all our parishioners. School fees include stationery, excursions and information technology levy. School fees do not include school camp for Year 6 students.

2020 School Fees:

1 child =1830.00

2 children = 2550.00

3 children = 3270.00

Prep Orientation

As preparation for their first year of school, kindergarten children attend a Prep orientation program at the school. The children attend three sessions where they become familiar with the school environment. They take part in various activities.

Prep Info book 2020


These are the class structures for 2020.  Currently we have an average class size of 23 children. We aim to keep our classes low by giving our classroom teachers extra support .

  • 2 classes of Prep (Foundation)

  • 3 classes of Year 1

  • 3 classes of Year 2

  • 3 classes of Year 3

  • 3 classes of Year 4

  • 3 classes of Year 5

  • 3 classes of Year 6