General Information

Emmaus Catholic Primary School has been built in answer to parishioners’ requests for Catholic primary education.

We enrol:

  • Baptised Catholic children (Baptism certificates required on enrolment)

  • Families living within the Sacred Heart / Emmaus parish boundaries and

  • Families belonging to Sacred Heart / Emmaus parish through “praying , working and sharing .”

  • Each school has its own designated boundaries within the parish.

On enrolment Families are required to pay Thanksgiving to the Parish. To organise Thanksgiving please call the Parish on 9366 2146

School Fees

There are different ways school fees can be paid, fortnightly, monthly, termly and yearly. . Fees are kept as low as possible to make Catholic Primary Education affordable for all our parishioners. School fees include stationery, excursions and information technology levy. School fees do not include school camp for Year 6 students.


Payment can be made by Direct Debit or debit/Credit card:

Direct Debit Request Form

Credit Card Form

Please complete one of the above forms and email it to

Concessional School Fees for Eligible Students

To assist school families experiencing financial hardship in accessing a Catholic primary education, our school has implemented a fee concession policy.

If you have a current Health Care Card / Pension Card you are eligible for the Camps, Sport Excursion (CSEF) rebate from the Government and are eligible to apply for fee concession rebate.

Please complete the relevant forms by clicking MACS-Concessional-Fee-Policy-Application-Form and return signed to

Please refer to the below guidance for the concessional fees. We have also included the application form should you believe you are eligible.

Eligibility for Concessional School Fees

The following families are strongly encouraged to apply for concessional school fees.

  • Any family of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander heritage.

  • Any family holding a Health Care Card and eligible for CSEF.

  • Any family experiencing severe financial hardship.

  • Any family holding a DVA Gold Card.

  • Any family identified as refugees and holding an ImmiCard.

  • Any family required to relocate their (Australian resident) child to St. Michael’s Catholic Primary School, North Melbourne, due to the child requiring long term medical treatment at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne. Pro-rata concession is provided for part-year attendance. An annual statutory declaration is required to confirm eligibility.

  • HSS who attend a MACS primary school on a part time basis, who meet any of the criteria detailed above.

Concessional School Fees for Eligible Students

Students of eligible families are entitled to concessional school fees. The school fee for eligible students is:

  • 1 child – $15 per week x 52 weeks, direct debit ($780 per annum or $195 per term)

  • 2 children – $23 for the family per week x 52 weeks, direct debit ($1,196 per annum, or $299 per term)

  • 3+ children – $30 for the family per week x 52 weeks, direct debit ($1,560 per annum, or $390 per term)

At enrolment you made a commitment to the following:

Be an active participant of our Parish and School.

Join Thanksgiving.

Pay the approved School Fees.

 Signed forms to be returned to the office.

Prep Orientation

As preparation for their first year of school, kindergarten children attend a Prep orientation program at the school. The children attend three sessions where they become familiar with the school environment. They take part in various activities.


These are the class structures for 2022.  Currently we have an average class size of 22 children. We aim to keep our classes low by giving our classroom teachers extra support .

  • 3 classes of Prep (Foundation)

  • 3 classes of Year 1

  • 3 classes of Year 2

  • 3 classes of Year 3

  • 3 classes of Year 4

  • 3 classes of Year 5

  • 3 classes of Year 6