Education In Faith

Our Religious Education Curriculum is reflected in the entire life of our schools. This includes Religious Education lessons that are taught daily as part of the students’ regular classroom program.

One of the main aims of the Religious Education Curriculum of our school is to help students understand that

being Catholic is a way of life, not just a subject studied at school. 

Our school uses the Coming to Know, Worship and Love series provided by the Melbourne Catholic Archdiocese together with our School Based Religious Education Program.

An important part of our Catholic school life is a Mass before school each week. Students and their families are invited to attend these 8.30am Masses. This Mass is another opportunity for our community to celebrate the Eucharist together. Emmaus celebrates the morning Mass on Thursdays.

Sacramental Program

Teachers, parents and the parish Religious Education team work in partnership in the preparation of students for Sacraments.

  • Preparation for the Sacrament of Reconciliation – Year 3
  • Celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation – Year 4
  • Celebration of the Sacrament of First Eucharist – Year 4
  • Celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation – Year 6

Family Chats

Families who have children preparing for a Sacrament attend a family day on either a Saturday or a Sunday afternoon to learn about and reflect on the Sacrament with their children.