Visual Arts

Visual Arts involves students learning specific skills and techniques. They create and design art works from an idea. Students imagine, learn to use and manage a variety of materials and tools to prepare, develop, produce and present art.

Students respond to art works through their senses, thoughts and emotions. They come to understand and appreciate art works through discussion and reflection. As students respond to what they see and feel, they learn to appreciate and explore others’ art works. Students also develop aesthetic knowledge through their Arts learning.

At Emmaus, we have three Visual Art rooms where children create art works on a weekly basis for an hour. The rooms are beautifully displayed with children’s art work and this brings about a passion and excitement about art. Everyone who enters the Art rooms feels happy and delighted to see such great talent demonstrated by the students.

Our specialist Art teachers are passionate, well organised and nurturing to young artists. The teachers build confidence in the students and encourage them. Students come away feeling proud of their achievements and calm after expressing their ideas creatively. Students often ask their parents to come and see what they have created.