BOOK WEEK DRESS-UP DAY’ on Wednesday 23rd August.

August 23, 2017

BOOK WEEK DRESS-UP PARADE’ on Wednesday 23rd August.

Book Week is always an exciting time at Emmaus. It promotes reading and writing, as well as, an appreciation of books and reading. Children’s Book Week runs from 18th to 25th August. This year, the theme is ‘ESCAPE TO EVERYWHERE’. We read to escape, to live inside someone else’s mind for a while, and to see and feel what they do. How many different ways can you escape, when you’re reading? We can escape into our imagination or into a fantasy land. So let’s all escape into our favourite book and READ, so we can be taken on a journey. At Emmaus, we will aim to create an exciting environment to stimulate and encourage students to read. We will read to our children the best books by Australian authors for 2017. We will also have a special competition and a ‘BOOK WEEK DRESS-UP DAY’ on Wednesday 23rd August.