Athletics Carnival 2018- Message from Sport Captains
24 October, 2018

On Friday, October 19, 2018 all the Emmaus students participated in the 2018 Athletics Carnival.  All of the students came together on the oval to have a fun and exciting day.  Preps-Year 3 took part in the novelty bouncy balls and Year 3-6 participated in a hurdle’s race.  This day, was a hard day of work and encouragement.  We, the sport captains, entertained the children with our positive attitude and chants.  In the end, the Blue House Team got their victory.  Red 4th, Gold 3rd and Green 2nd.  We thanks all the teachers and parents for helping us to prepare for this wonderful day.


Thank you

Kyle (Green House Captain)

Kian (Red House Captain)

Daniel (Blue House Captain)