Celebrating 100 Days of Prep
31 July, 2017

Congratulations to our Prep students who celebrated their one hundred days at school on Monday!


On Monday 31st July, the Prep students were very excited to celebrate 100 days at school. We had been marking off the days on our special 100 chart all year and finally our 100th day had arrived!


There was balloons and streamers and the day was a time to celebrate with fun activities involving the number 100. Throughout the day we made fairy bread, a 100 day crown, counted out 100 treats and made a monster with 100 body parts.


We thank our Year six buddies for their amazing and creative 100 glasses they made for their buddy.


The first year of school is an exciting time for Prep students and their families and we are thrilled with their progress and their growth over the past 100 days.