Healthy Try Day in Year 1
29 March, 2017


This term we have been leaning about the choices we can make to keep our mind and body healthy. The students got to make their own healthy sandwich and fruit salad. The Year One children were adventurous and tried many new fruits and vegetables.

Jack B.  1B – ‘We made healthy sandwiches and ate them for lunch!’

Sienna Ri.  1B – ‘On Try Day we made fruit salad and we tried lots of new fruit!’

Sibella S.  1Z – “I’m so proud that I gave tomatoes a try! It was delicious.”

Richie C. 1Z – “In my sandwich I tried spinach and also tried carrots. The new healthy foods I tried was yummy.”

Indiana P. 1C  – “I liked how we made our own healthy sandwiches and fruit salad.”

Nathan B.  1C  – “I love being healthy and trying new vegetables.”