Italian Day 2018
02 August, 2018

Italian Week – la settimana Italiana a Emmaus Catholic Primary

Buongiorno a tutti!


From Monday 30th July to 3rd August, Emmaus Catholic Primary School children, staff, teachers and the school community celebrated Italian Week. ‘Evviva Italia’

The school library was converted into a mini Italy. Every wall was covered with information, posters and pictures of this beautiful country. A tactile table with Italian artefacts, figurines and ornaments for the children to hold and feel allowed for them to visualise they were in Italy. Reading, singing and listening materials and resources were on offer for the school community to take part in.

A celebration of the detailed Italian curriculum which the children cover in their weekly Italian lesson, was also on display. Their work was exhibited in all the corridors, classrooms and school office.

The culmination was on Thursday 2nd August, when the school was inundated by Italians everywhere. The children and staff were dressed in various Italian costumes, famous artist, singers, sports players, food and landmarks or in the Italian flag colours; verde, bianco, rosso.

An Italian lunch was offered by the Parents Association for the children and staff. Mangiate, mangiate!

These activities enriched the children’s knowledge of the Italian culture, their oral, aural confidence, their fluency of reading the target language and their overall self-esteem and self-image.

Well done to all the Emmaus students and staff for making a tremendous effort with being involved in our Italian Dress Up Day. It was a most enjoyable week.  Bravi!