Meet our 2019 SRCs and House Captains
14 March, 2019

Today Emmaus celebrated the first school Mass of 2019.  6W prepared the Mass beautifully.  We also announced our amazing Semester 1, 2019 SRC’s, House Captains and Vice Captains.


2019 Semester 1 Student Representative Council

Year 6 Student Leaders
Stefano, Sienna, Kyle and Emma
Grade Names Grade Names
Prep D Lyla and Christian Grade 3A Emily and Rhys
Prep O Keefe and Emma Grade 3B Noah and Clara
Prep Z Denzel and Leanne Grade 3S Alara and Nathan
Grade 1B Liam and Nina Grade 4H Holly and Anthony
Grade 1M Rikki and Aiden Grade 4P Noah and Tymika
Grade 1S Luca and Willow  Grade 4T Chelsea and Ashleigh
Grade 2B Daniel and Rianie Grade 5H Marcus and Petra
Grade 2K Vincent and Summer  Grade 5G Jai and Joanna
Grade 5M Lily and Marko

2018  Sport House Captains

Red House

St Joseph

Green House

St Patrick

Yellow House

St Elizabeth

Blue House

St Mary

  • Jack
  • Kayla
  • Vaughn (VC)
  • Jessica (VC)
  • Danielle
  • Hayley
  • William (VC)
  • Nearra (VC)
  • Kacie
  • Jay
  • Kate (VC)
  • Sebastian (VC)
  • Mia
  • Nicholas
  • Ryan (VC)
  • Tayla (VC)