Prep Excursion to Essendon Traffic School
30 May, 2017

As part of our Inquiry unit, ‘How do others keep us safe?’ the prep children went on an excursion to the Essendon Traffic School. The Essendon Traffic school is a mini road set up for children, and is complete with road signs, railway bells and traffic lights. During the day the children were able to have the experience of riding a bike and followed many road safety rules.

Here is what a few students had to say:

“At the traffic school I saw signs and there was a lollypop lady.” – Isabella: Prep M

“At the traffic school we had fun and rode bikes and we saw a tram.” – Rovinah: Prep M

“At the traffic school I rode a green bike and a red bike. It was fun.” – Ben: Prep M

“At the traffic school we had to stop at traffic lights and we went on a tram.” – James A: Prep M

“At the excursion we went on the road with bikes.” – Samantha C: Prep D

“At the excursion I had no training wheels.” – Jakob: Prep D

“At the excursion I felt happy.” – Joel: Prep D

‘At the excursion me and my friends listened to Lori to know how to ride the bikes.” – Chelsea: Prep D