Sign Olivia’s Petition! Ramp access at Watergardens Train Station
11 March, 2019

Former Emmaus Student, Olivia Briffa has started a petition for ramp access at Watergardens Train Station.


“This petition is for an issue in our local community at the Watergardens Railway Station. There is no wheelchair, scooter mobility ramp access for people with disabilities, elderly people, and for people who have a child in a pram. The only way these people can catch a train is by using the lift. There should be a ramp put into the Watergardens station. When the lift is out of order, these people won’t be able to access the train as they can’t use the stairs. This makes it difficult and very stressful for people needing to use public transport. In today’s society this is totally unacceptable. Please sign this petition and help support ramp access at the Watergardens Railway Station. “

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