Year 4 Excursion to CRC Sydenham
29 November, 2017

Last Friday, the year 4s went on an excursion to Catholic Regional College in North Keilor as part of their Inquiry learning. Working in the woodwork room, they each made their own pencil box, and watched the laser-cutter cut out keyrings that they had designed at school. They learnt a lot about design principles, safety protocols, different materials, construction skills and they had a lot of fun!


One student said …

“Year 4 had lots of fun at this excursion! We enjoyed woodworking, hammering in the nail and the best part of the excursion was watching the laser-cutter cutting out our names and our keychains. We learnt how to hold a hammer properly, about pre-nailing, how to stay safe, how to use a vice to hold the wood and that it is important to be accurate with measuring and designing. I liked spending time at a high school and making a pencil box.”