Year 5 MacBooks
23 February, 2017

This week has been a very exciting week for the Year 5’s.  Firstly, they received their MacBooks and secondly, they took part in an all day introduction to “Mac iLife Suite” facilitated by Mr Andrew Del Mastro.

The children learned how to create Keynote slides and iMovies.  They had to program their own animations and create specific instructions for each step, as well as, editing their movies and adding many features to enhance it.   All in all, it was a very exciting introduction to the MacBook Program.

Today it was the cyber smart meeting. Years 5B and 5P headed to the Emmaus church. Both grades were very excited. The lady’s name was Sylvia, she was very friendly. She made it really easy to understand why we should not post rude or negative messages or pictures online. She told us many different things about being cyber smart and she also told us about the acronym THINK: T is for True, H is for Helpful, I is for Inspiring, N is for Necessary and K is for Kind. So from now on, every time I send a message or a picture I will remember to ask myself is it True, is it Helpful, is it Inspiring, is it Necessary and is it Kind. Today was entertaining, we had fun learning about cyber safety… I enjoyed it.  

By Kyle  Z.  5B

Today 5B and 5P went to the Emmaus church to learn about being cyber smart. 5B and 5P were very, very, very EXCITED! We met our Instructor Sylvia. She was very nice and kind. As we listened to Sylvia we learnt many things like not to post mean or rude comments and to not to post pictures that are not necessary. We also learnt the acronym of THINK: The letter T means is it True, H means is it  Helpful,  I means is it Inspiring, N means is it necessary, and K means is it Kind. We also learnt what to do if someone posts something rude, mean or hurtful to your social media page and lots more. I think that our session on being cyber smart was SPECTACULAR!   

By Nevyan J. 5B

A reminder ALL Year 5 Parents MUST attend an eSmart Cyber Safety meeting at:

  • Sacred Heat Church, Tuesday 7 March at 7pm.

  • Emmaus Church, Wednesday 8 March at 7pm.

  • Emmaus  Church, Thursday 9 March at 7pm.