Year 6 Students go STEM MAD
29 October, 2020

Year 6 Students go STEM MAD

We are tremendously proud of every single student in Year 6 for their participation in the STEM MAD competition.  STEM MAD stands for Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics and MAD is Make-A-Difference.  Our students certainly did make a difference during remote learning where they collaborated remotely with in small team groups to design, produce and present a STEM MAD product.  Out of 18 teams a record 6 teams were chosen to be finalists in the entire Catholic Melbourne School Network.  Out of those 6 finalists- 2 received honourable mentions:

  • Swoopem Tiger Broz- Caleb and Luke
  • Innovators not Imitators: Marko

Other finalist teams were:

  • Rafael, Brandon and Phillip: Lazerbeams
  • Luca, Marcus, Nicholas and Samuel: Next Big Ting
  • Serena, Alizah, Lana and Lian: Holistic Thinkers
  • Jai, Jackson and Milan: JiMiJac

(There are links to their videos below) -Swoopem Tiger Bros Next Big Ting Innovators not Imitators Holistic Thinkers JiMiJac Lazerbeams


We also had a very fun and interactive STEM MAD Day on Tuesday 27th of October.  All Year 6 students participated in team challenges and listened to key note speakers.  Well done to Ava H, Priscilla, Joanna and Sophia for winning the Mars Rover Rocket ship challenge!