Education & Finance Board






The Governing Principles for the School Board

  • Engage in the mission of the Church
  • Strengthen community partnerships
  • Build a sense of ownership and belonging
  • Create a rich source of wisdom and insight
  • Support the school

Governance and Authority

With the approval and under the direction of the Archbishop of Melbourne, Sacred Heart / Emmaus / Cana Board has been established to provide Catholic education, according to the precepts, teachings and practices of the Catholic Church. This school is administered by Fr John O’Reilly under the supervision of the Archbishop of Melbourne and is acknowledged as Catholic by his authority.

The Governance of this school is undertaken by the parish preist with the support of the principal. The school board provides advice to the principal within the context of this Constitution and the school’s vision statement.

The parish priest reserves his authority in matters relating to

  • the Catholicity of the school
  • diocesan regulations
  • employment of staff
  • the formation and dissolution of the board
  • appointment of board members and office bearers
  • the appointment and dismissal of the principal
  • school finances

Within the provisions of Canon Law, the board is responsible to the parish priest, who in turn is subject to the vigilance of the Archbishop of Melbourne.

The board has no responsibility for the internal management and administration of the school, which are the responsibility of the school principal.