At Emmaus Catholic Primary School our staff believe that all members of the school community need to work together to create a safe and secure school environment that fosters connectedness, resilience and an appreciation of diversity. Student Wellbeing exists to support the educational, behavioural, emotional, physical and social development of students within the context of the wider school community. Wellbeing strategies and practices are taught explicitly to our students.


We focus on improving the classroom and school climate, strengthening partnerships between our parish, school and parents, as well as ensuring students are engaged in their learning and feel a sense of connectedness and belonging. In 2023 Emmaus is embarking on a three year partnership with “Real Schools” to continue to grow our culture of Restorative Practice. 

We begin each year intentionally focusing on connecting with one another and creating a sense of belonging for every member of our community. We recognised the significance of transitions that occur during primary school including the transitions to school from kindergarten, between year levels, welcoming new students to our school and the move to secondary school. As educators we consider the skills, needs and supports that we need to put into place to ensure that the progression is seamless for all involved.