School Community

At Emmaus our families pray, work and share together with us. They celebrate the Eucharist in our parish of Sacred Heart – Emmaus, contribute to parish Thanksgiving and actively live out Jesus’ mission through parish ministries.

Our parent commitment to the school and parish builds and strengthens our community life. Our parents feel a strong sense of connectedness and belonging. As all parents are involved in at least one of the parish – school ministries, parents freely give their time and talents to help children at our school or help the parish community.

We support our families in their faith journey. At a parish level, parents are invited to ‘Family Chats’ held each year at the presbytery. We also guide Year 3, 4 and 6 families through a ‘Family Sacramental’ program and we expect that families attend Masses of Blessing.

In partnership with parents, we educate our students. We welcome our parents in all areas of school life at Emmaus. We provide information sessions for parents regarding ways to improve their child’s education and wellbeing. We also celebrate with them their children’s achievements and successes. Parents are invited to be guest speakers in the classroom, see their children’s learning, take children on excursions and camps, participate in Sports days, cooking programs and electives. Parents are also able to attend ‘Playgroup’ were families connect weekly, after Mass in our school hall.

We communicate to parents through a weekly newsletter that is also available on our website. We also value the time we talk to our parents on a daily basis. As another way of strengthening partnerships with parents, we have a “Getting to know you cuppa” each term after Thursday morning Mass. This gives parents an opportunity to get to know more families and speak with our leadership staff.