Parents and Friends Group

The aim of the Emmaus Parents and Friends is to . . .

  • Encourage friendship and communication between parents by organising ‘friend raising’ events
  • Ensure the range of events offered are fully inclusive of all the community
  • Encourage a positive and supportive relationship within the community
  • Promote a sense of belonging in the school community
  • Raise funds to contribute to the enhancement of the school environment for our children
  • Have a strong direction, which is consistent, transparent and relevant
  • Be highly approachable and reliable
  • Have great communication within the group, with the school leadership and staff, and the wider community
  • Feel connected by our common purpose of being a part of this community, and have an enjoyable time while we are here.

At Emmaus we have a dedicated team of volunteer parents who assist in organising many fundraising events throughout the year.

Fundraising events include:

  • Special lunches- pizza, hotdogs, sausage sizzle, etc
  • Dress up days
  • Chocolate Drive, Pie Drive
  • Colour Fun Run
  • Raffles
  • Mother’s Day and Father’s Day stalls

Just to name a few. All parents with a WWCC are welcome to join and make new friends along the way.