Seesaw for Schools is a digital app-based platform that allows students, teachers, and parents or guardians to complete and share classroom work. As the company itself says, Seesaw is a platform for student engagement.

Using the Seesaw app, students can show what they know using various media, from photos and videos to drawings, text, links, and PDFs. This is all on the Seesaw platform, meaning it can be seen and appraised by teachers and even shared with parents and guardians.

The student portfolio grows over time, allowing users to carry it through their academic career. This is a great way for other teachers to see how the student has progressed over time – even showing how they worked to get the final result. 

Seesaw for Schools allows students to work on a tablet or smartphone to create content that is automatically saved online within a personal profile. This can then be accessed by the teacher, via app or browser, to assess work from any location. 

The Seesaw Family app is a separate app that parents and guardians can download and sign-up for and then have access to the child’s continuing progress. 

Family communications can be managed and shared by the teacher for a secure and controlled level of content, so parents and guardians don’t need to worry about being overloaded.